Vehicle Fire in Concord with extension to the building.
By Assistant Chief Bob Vasek
August 3, 2018

Concordville Fire Company was dispatched to a vehicle fire on Friday afternoon, while en route Fire Board advised 59 Command of a possible exposure problem to the dwelling. Captain 59 advised the Fire Board to upgrade the incident to a building response.
Assistant Chief 59 arrived and confirmed a vehicle fully involved with an exposure. Engine 593 led off with two 1 3/4 hand lines, one directed to extinguish the vehicle fire and the second to protect the exposure which at this point had vinyl siding beginning to show signs of ignition.
The fuel line of the SUV burned through and caused the fire to reignite which required foam to be utilized to extinguish the fire completely. There was minor damage to the home, the SUV was a total loss. There was one injury, to a fireman from the high heat and humidity during the incident.

Mutual Aid: Rocky Run, Bethel Hose Company, Chester Heights, Riddle Hospital MICU