Burn Drill with Bethel
By Station 59 Watch Desk
October 4, 2018

For our drill on Thursday 10/4 Company 59 traveled to West Chester to use their burn building, joining us was Company 66.
Crews rotated working on 1st due Engine Company and 1st due Truck Company duties. Engine Companies we’re tasked with locating and extinguishing fires on two different floors, while the truck crews performed primary searches on all 3 floors. Junior firefighters from both companies worked on ground ladders as well as other outside duties. Between the two companies 30 firefighters were in attendance. Thanks to Bethel for joining us and well as our burn representive from West Chester.

Units: Engine 592, Tower Ladder 59, Ambulance 59 and Utility 59
Mutual Aid: Squad 66, Truck 66 and Utility 66